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dr hab. Piotr Szwedo

Adjunct professor. Main research interests: international economic law, international law of natural resources and legal aspects of global governance. Since 2018 dr hab. Szwedo is Head of the Co-ordination Centre for Schools of Foreign Law at the Faculty for Law and Administration.



Office hours

The current office hours are displayed on the main page and on the USOS personal profile.

Main publications

  1. Cross-border Water Trade: Legal and Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Brill 2018 (forthcoming), pp. 402.
  2. Środki odwetowe w prawie Światowej Organizacji Handlu, [Retaliation in the law of World Trade Organization], Wolters Kluwer, Warsaw 2008, pp. 378
  3. Injusticiabilité, Pierre Serrand, Piotr Szwedo (eds.), Mare & Martin 2014, pp. 
  4. Global Administrative Law through the Polish Lens: from Practice to Theory, International Journal of Constitutional Law, vol. 13(1) (2015) 156-179
  5. Water Footprint and the Law of WTO, 47 (6) Journal of World Trade (2013) 1259-1284
  6. Poland at the Gates of EURO 2012 – Global Sport Governance and the Limits of the State’s Autonomy, University of Denver Sports and Entertainment Law Journal, vol. 11 (Fall 2011) 57-80
  7. O pojęciu globalnego prawa administracyjnego [The Developing Concept of Global Administrative Law], 8 Forum Prawnicze (2011) 60-77
  8. Case Comment: (Former) Yukos v. Russian Federation before the Permanent Court of Arbitration¸ 18 Journal of International Cooperation Studies (2010) 57-69
  9. The European Monetary Integration and the History of Global Economy, in: Gilberg Gornig, Angel Manuel Rafael (eds), Finanzkirse. Die Krise der Euro-Zone, Klages Verlag Marburg 2012, 11-42
  10. Consular functions and Consular jurisdiction (co-author: Paweł Czubik), in: Max Planck Encyclopedia of Pubic International Law, Rüdiger Wolfrum (ed.), Oxford University Press 2012, vol. II, 694-699, and 699-701 available at